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Scientifically Proven Benefits of Anti-Corrosion Coatings for HVAC Systems

Testing: in after only 2 years of continuous use, an unprotected coil suffers constant decline in efficiency.

Result: Operating cost for the unprotected coil more than doubled after only 24 months exposure.

Over twenty-four months of ocean saltspray exposure: Uncoated coils showed a constant decline in operating capacity, while corrosion coating protected coils maintained close to their original operating efficiency. Operating cost for the unprotected coils rose 220%. The protected coils with virtually no capacity loss demonstrated 46% to 63% greater operating efficiencies (average 55%) than the uncoated coils. The unprotected coils showed a measurable loss in efficiency in the first 28 days. 12 AC coils were monitored: 6 coated, 6 uncoated. These results average the findings.

Source of test: US Navy N-1560: and the Whirlpool Laboratory

Why Sheet Metal Protection is So Important on the Treasure Coast

Florida’s Coastal areas are among the worst for corrosion in the Continental United States Salt Air, Acid Rain, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide. Corrosion and Severity Rate. If you have exposed sheet metal in these conditions, it will deteriorate rapidly. You will in turn need to repair or replace your HVAC system and other areas of your property prematurely. The resulting cost and frustration can be overwhelming.

How We Can Protect Your Exposed Sheet Metal

P-413 Modified Baked Phenolic

Plasticizers have been added to this baked phenolic to make it more flexible for use on light gage metal like finned tube coils, fans, duct and other equipment that have flex in the metal. The P-413 baking phenolic will withstand exposure to practically all corrosive and chemical fumes and is a good thermal conductor. Coil manufacturers have indicated there is no need to add additional heating or cooling surface due to the presence of the Heresite corrosion coating.

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